Message from the Ambassador

I am delighted to welcome all distinguished visitors to this official website of the Embassy of Nepal in the Federative Republic of Brazil.

Characterized by utmost goodwill and friendship, the relations between Nepal and Brazil are growing ever since the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries in 1976. These relations are further consolidated, noticeably in recent years, when Nepal opened its residential Embassy in Brasilia in February 2010 and Brazil reciprocated by opening its Mission in Kathmandu in October 2011.

Notwithstanding the geographical distance, there seems ample prospect of economic cooperation between Nepal and Brazil particularly in the areas of hydropower, tourism and agriculture. The two countries also hold similar views to promote the interests of developing countries in order to achieve the objective of a just and equitable new international order.

The website of the Embassy is intended to provide information on Nepal, its foreign policy and appraise activities of the Embassy with regard to move towards further strengthening and widening the cooperative relations between Nepal and Brazil. It will profusely cater information on tourism in Nepal-where rich culture and tradition blend and natural beauties are concentrated.

Endowed with huge hydropower potentials, Nepal could be an attractive destination for investment in energy sector including in agriculture and tourism among many others. It is expected that this website will help provide information and service linking with the liberal investment friendly policies of Nepal to the investors as well as businessmen interested in doing business with Nepal.

I am hopeful that this website will be instrumental in bringing distinguished visitors closer to Nepal in the canvas of global village.

The Embassy will be pleased to welcome valuable feedbacks and comments if any, to make the website more informative and relevant.
Thank you!