Events 2011

1. Hon.DPM paid courtesy meeting with Vice President of Brazil H.E. Michel Temer on 02 August 2011 at the Brasilia(Brazil)

2. Hon.Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Nepal Mr. Upendra Yadav held meeting with the President of the Superior Electoral Court, Minister Ricardo Lewandowski on 2 August 2011 at Brasilia(Brazil)

3. Hon.DPM held meeting with Minister of Agriculture of Brazil Mr. Wagner Rossi on 2 Aug 2011 at Brasilia( Brazil)

4. Hon.DPM held meeting with Energy Minister of Brazil Mr. Edison Lobao on 2 Aug 2011 at Brasilia( Brazil)

5. Hon. DPM inaugurated the Embassy of Nepal in Brasilia(Brazil) on 02 Aug 2011 in Brasilia

6. Hon. Deputy Prime Minister of Nepal Mr. Upendra Yadav and Minister for External Relations of Brazil H.E. Antonio De Aguiar Patriota signed the three agreements on 03 August 2011 at Brasilia

7. Bilateral meeting between Nepal and Brazil on 03 August 2011 in Brasilia

8. Hon. DPM and Foreign Minister Mr. Upendra Yadav met with President of the Senate´s Exterior Relations Committee and Former President of Brazil H.E. Fernando Collar on 03 Aug 2011 in Brasilia

9. Visit at INPA

10. Meeting with Vice Governor of Amazona Mr. Jose Melo

11. Meeting at SUFRAMA(Superintendente da Zona Franca de Manaus)

12. Meeting at EMBRAPA(Empresa Brasileira de Pesquisa Agropecuaria Amazonia)

13. EMBRAPA field visit

14. Meeting at ADCAM( Associacao para Desenvolvimento Coesivo da Amazonia)

15. Participation on International Bazaar and Food Festivals in Brasilia(14 Nov,2010)

16. Participation on American Tourism Fair in Rio de Janerio(21October,2010)

17. Joint press brief held at Itamaraty during the visit of Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Nepal.


18. Meeting with the Vice Governor( Dr. Alberto Pinto Coelho) of Minas Gerais State on 17th October 2011

1. Meeting with the Tourism Secretary(Mr. Agostinho Patru Filho) of Minas Gerais state on 17th october

2. Meeting with Sub Agriculture secretary Mr. Baldonedo Arthur Napoleao

3. Meeting with Rector (Mr.Joao Luiz Martin) and other professors of Ouro Perto University on 17th October.

4. Interview to local newspaper and FM at Ouropreto

5. Ambassador of Nepal participating in World conference on social determinants of health at Rio de Janerio on 19-21 October

6. Meeting with President of ABAV(Associacao Brasileira de Agencias de Viagens Conselho Nacional) Mr. Carlos Alberto A. Ferreira at Riocentro on 20th October

7. Meeting with International Director of ABAV Mr. Leonel Rossi Junior and Saopaulo ABAV President Mr. Edmar Augusto Bull at Riocentro on 20th October

8. Ambassador of Nepal hand over the flag of Nepal to demonstrate in ABAV Tourism fair

9. Nepalese Tourism Promotional Materials disseminated and distributed in collaboration with FLOT Tours and Travels in World Tourism Fair held at Riocentro, Rio de Janerio on 19-21 October,2011.

11. Ambassador of Nepal, giving interview to Panrotas journal to promote tourism of Nepal at Tourism Fair on 20th October.

12. Ambassador of Nepal with the President of Braztoa,Mr. Marco Ferraz

13. Ambassador of Nepal with Director of FLOT Operadora Turistica Mr. Jose Eduardo Barbosa

14. Meeting with President of CEMIG Mr. Djalma Bastos de Morais

15. With Deputado Mr. Wilton Prado

Tourism fair at Brasilia

A briefing meet with heads of tourism, energy agriculture at Central secretariat MG

Agriculture Secretary with gueste at Amb[s residence

Ambassador Shah holding meeting with Energy Minister Eldson Lobo

An interview to a TV

Brieding by Itaipu Director

Briefing by EMBRAPA


Embrapa team

Dasai festival with  officials and staffs

Deputy Prime Minister  and Foreign Minister of Nepal Mr Upendra Yadav with Foreign Minister Ambassador Patriotia

DPM of Nepal  Senator and FM of Brazil

DPM with Senator  and Foreign Ministor of Brazil

Itaipu Director giving sovenior

Lunch in honour of DPM of Nepal at Itamarity

Lunch meeting of DPM and FM Nepal with Electrobrass president

Meeting at FIASP

Meeting with Fremsa President

Moranga Agro exposision

Prafetaria Ouro Preto

Presentation by Embrapa team Rio Grande do Sul

Social get together to observe democracy day at Amb’s residence

Visiting Nepal young  girls and boys poising with the Ambassador

Visiting Nepali youths under MCM program

With  FRIMSA Coopetative  and briefing team

With  Vice Chairman Dupado Wilton Prado ALMG MG

With Agriculture Secretary at Ambasador[s residence

With editor president Bazil Coherente paper

With International Relations sub-Secretary Minas gerais

With Mayor of Chapeco

With President Lula

With Since and Technology sub sectrary MG

With vice governer of Manaus